Meditation Programme on Long Retreats

4 amWake up
4:45 am to 5:45 amSitting Meditation
6 am to 7 amBreakfast / Walking Meditation
7 am to 8 amSitting Meditation
8 am to 9 amInterview / Walking Meditation
9 am to 10 amSitting Meditation
10 am to 11 amWalking Meditation
11 am to 12 noonLunch
12 noon to 1 pmWalking Meditation
1 pm to 2 pmSitting Meditation
2 pm to 3 pmWalking Meditation
3 pm to 4 pmSitting Meditation
4 pm to 5 pmWalking Meditation
5 pm to 6 pmSitting Meditation
6 pm to 7 pmWalking Meditation
7 pm to 8 pmDhamma Talk
8 pm to 9 pmWalking Meditation
9 pm to 10 pmSitting Meditation
10 pmRetire to room with continued mindfulness

NB.  During walking meditation Yogis are permitted to use the bathroom at their discretion.

1 thought on “Meditation Programme on Long Retreats

  1. Marek Reply

    I’m booked on the April retreat – which finishes on Saturday 27th April, my question is – is Saturday 27th April still a retreat day, meaning that it finishes on 10pm that day, or does it finish on Friday 26th April – with everybody leaving on the morning of Saturday 27th April?
    Many Thanks in advance for your prompt response
    Mountains of Metta

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