Htamane Pwe – IMPORTANT Date changed to 1st March

*Further UPDATE

Unfortunately due to Storm Dennis this weekend. Htamane Pwe has been further delayed till 1st March. Apologies for all the date changes.


Dear all

Htemane pwe coincides with Storm Ciara. Winds of 80 mph are forecasted.  After speaking to the four senior members and trustees, we have decided to move the date to 16th february.It will start 2.30 pm on Sunday 16 February.Sorry about the lateness but we don’t want any accidents to the Dhamma family.

With metta

Admin Saraniya

Date Of Event : 09/02/2020

Event Location : Saraniya Dhamma Mediation Centre

Would like to invite every one to partake in the making and eating of some Htamane on the 9th of Februaty at the Saraniya meditation centre.

Hope to see you there.

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