New year changes

January is a time to put up new year resolutions.
January was derived from Janus as the god of all beginnings, god of passages Janus is a two faced deity, facing both to the past and the future. We, as humans, are also occupied with our past, happy or sad, and the future, good or bad. Here, at Saraniya we face the present moment, and the resolution that one needs to put up is in term of resoluteness to conduct Satipatthana meditation for one sitting each day. In other words, develop the Right View. It may be just five minutes or 10 minutes or one hour. But the resoluteness must be present. And of course, for the first sunday of the month where there is a regular gathering and dana to the resident Sayadaws at Saraniya Meditation Centre. So it will be one sitting meditation together. Shall we do it together?

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