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Meditation Guide By Ovadacariya Sayadawgyi

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Meditatation Guide for retreats by Ovadacariya Sayadawgyi

1. There is only one task to be done by the meditators, i.e, to practise with:

  • respect and sincerity
  • diligence
  • heroic effort
  • perseverance
  • patience
  • sustained continuous, moment-to-moment mindfulness from the time of waking up in the morning to the time of falling asleep at night.

2. Meditators should do 14 hours of formal sitting and walking meditation per day.

3. Meditators should keep alone and observe silence. Socialising is not encouraged at all.

4. Meditators must refrain from talking.

5. Meditators must keep reading and writing to an absolute minimum.

6. Lay meditators must carefully observe the Eight Precepts. Smoking is not allowed. Monks and nuns must strictly observe their respective monastic discipline.

7. Sleep should be limited to 4-6hrs per 24hours.

8. Meditators must strictly adhere to the meditation teacher’s instructions and should not practise alternative meditation methods.

9. Meditators must not get involved in any activities not related to intensive meditation, (e.g. listening to the radio or tapes, taking messages, taking photographs, collecting books, performing acupuncture, receiving visitors, cooking food, learning Burmese, English, Pali, engaging in political, business and social affairs.)

10. Meditators must restrain their senses. They should act like a blind, deaf and dumb person.

11. Meditators must perform all activities slowly without haste.

12. There is no space for thinking, reflection, speculation, analyzing, or interpretations during intensive practice.

13. Generally meditation is for people with a normal and stable mind. If a person is mentally not in shape to do intensive meditation practice, especially to conform to the strict discipline, then that person may not be admitted as a yogi.

Daily Meditation Programme

4 amWake up
4:45 am to 5:45 amSitting Meditation
6 am to 7 amBreakfast / Walking Meditation
7 am to 8 amSitting Meditation
8 am to 9 amInterview / Walking Meditation
9 am to 10 amSitting Meditation
10 am to 11 amWalking Meditation
11 am to 12 noonLunch
12 noon to 1 pmWalking Meditation
1 pm to 2 pmSitting Meditation
2 pm to 3 pmWalking Meditation
3 pm to 4 pmSitting Meditation
4 pm to 5 pmWalking Meditation
5 pm to 6 pmSitting Meditation
6 pm to 7 pmWalking Meditation
7 pm to 8 pmDhamma Talk
8 pm to 9 pmWalking Meditation
9 pm to 10 pmSitting Meditation
10 pmRetire to room with continued mindfulness

NB.  During walking meditation Yogis are permitted to use the bathroom at their discretion.

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