Post Retreat Communication

This is example of a post retreat communication. This reminds us of the essence of retreats or the essential world that we revolve around…at Saraniya. That is, our teachers and yogis.

”Many thanks for your lovely ‘thanks you’ card. AND the donation.
We have given your donation to the charity. We are a charity, which fully support the Teacher/monks from Burma, as well as the daily running of the retreats. We are all volunteers, and the charity itself needs the kind support of the Myanmar community and you. Thus, we are grateful for your support.
Many translators are involved, and the team in the kitchen, trustee members, food donors etc. are the life blood of the charity as you can see during this past retreat. We are truly happy when the meditators practise the real Satipatthana sutta as taught by Buddha…..and benefit from the teachings. This is because the main benefits are seen and felt, as soon as you follow the teaching. Namely the purity of the mind which in turn impact on the body with peace. Thus explaining the mind and body link…the cause and effect. Apologies if we seemed a bit strict, but this is because we want ALL of you to take away the best from the retreat. Reading takes away from the ‘doing’, while you are in the intensive meditation. ”

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