Changes in May (2014)

If you have made plans to come to our events in May. Please be advised that there has been some changes made. 24th May to 25th May Weekend Retreat has currently been cancelled and Kasone Nyaung Yay Thung Pwe (Water offer to Buddha) date has been changed from 11th May to 4th May.

27th April (Sunday) ThinGyan Fair (New Year Fair) @ Eccles Masonic Hall.

ThingGyan is a Myanmar New Year Festival also known as the water festval, water is poured on each other to wash away the bad deeds of the previous year and to welcome to the new year. It has to be said this is the most popular festival in Myanmar and is held over 5 day. The festival starts on the eve of Myanmar New Year and generally it falls around 13th April. 

Author: Saraniya Date: April 22, 2014

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