Announcement (New Dhamma Hall)

Dear All Dhamma friends,

We had a meeting with our project manager for the new meditation hall last month. There has been a minor setback. The setback is that, we needed to re-submit the planning permit for the meditation hall as the company we contracted, went bankrupt. But this is just a temporary setback and we have already resummitted the planning permission.

There are other issues that we are dealing with day to day, such as borrowing funds from bank for our new meditation hall, the upkeep of the old building, initiating single day retreats, Youth culture courses, etc. We will be presenting them at the AGM which is on the 7th of July, 1 PM

Do please come and join us, as this is really an exciting times for the Manchester based organisation as the gathering place of Burmese, representing our Buddhist belief ( especially in this time of global unrest), Burmese culture, community and social cohesion in the North of the UK. The ‘Buddhism and Youth ‘classes held at this centre, also represent the best of our younger generation and Manchester Kyaung in the UK. 

Once the new building has finished, we heard that Sayadawgyi has promised to come. As always, Sayadaw has been central to all of this. We appreciate very much for all your support these past years, to sayadaw and to the team here in the north of UK. Special thanks to Ma Ma Thawka, who took notes and will later circulate the meeting minutes of the meeting.

Monhinga will be served. 
Looking forward to see you all. 
with metta Author: Thein Tun Ohn Date: July 04, 2013

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